Spring Raiders feel from the winter to wake up in Europe

Rich in romance, leisurely temperament of Europe , is always a place to go once.

1, spring transformation
Spring France, the leaves began to sprout, the streets are full of flowers blooming, even if not park, in some public places can also see the moving spring, the locals will take the opportunity to sit around the grass on the sun or picnic.
In the park, water ducks, swans and other waterfowl in the lake swaying hovering, everywhere will encounter a bunch of beautiful flowers, although not like the mountains like mountains and plains, but it is worth a small surprise. It is advisable to visit with a sense of outing.

2, spring games are played
● boat walks in the spring season came to France, it is recommended to go to the park or street walk, feel the garden, plant changes, and the spring cruise is also more suitable for the flow of view on the boat, easier to feel the changes in the city. If it is free, it is recommended to bring sandwiches to the park picnic.
● watch the window as a fashion country, the spring of France began to change the spring, the store window design changes also gives a great surprise, with the theme of the season, will see a lot of fresh and brilliant style of color, even if not just buy things, but also full Surprise.
● cycling parade winter too cold and summer is too hot, spring is a good season in France riding a bike, both environmentally friendly, but also increase the direct contact with the city. There are bike routes in major cities and major tourist attractions , and individual cities also offer electric cars called Segway, which is convenient for foreign tourists.

3, other recommended
When there is a sun, choose an open-air cafe, like a foreigner facing the sun to sit down, a cup of coffee, watching the pedestrians off the heavy winter clothes, put on the colorful clothing, is also a pleasure.

4, visa and recommended flights
For Schengen visa. If the free line to be online reservations, it is recommended to 2-3 weeks ahead of more secure.
Air France, China Southern Airlines has from Guangzhou direct flights to Paris flight, can fly to the United Arab Emirates , Qatar and other transit cities then turn. Direct flight takes about 13 hours, the transfer takes about 16 hours.

TIPS: European spring climate change is bigger, today also sunny, tomorrow may be a sudden drop in temperature – for example, last week, some areas have no signs of sudden drop goose snow. So in addition to prepare a variety of clothes, but also be psychologically prepared, if the case of bad weather, right when the day is a good joke.