Vatican Entrance

The Vatican has its own set of institutions and departments. The Pope’s advisory body is the Cardinals, composed of the bishop, the priestly and the deacon. The Vatican and 179 countries have established diplomatic relations and are the leading centers of the Catholic Church in the world. The Pope has a member of the Holy See and 10 ministers, each of whom is responsible for dealing with a religious task. There are also secretaries, courts, special offices and so on.

Have their own currency, postal, telecommunications, civil authorities. In many countries there is a lot of land and investment, there are a lot of gold and foreign exchange reserves, is a huge international financial trusts. There are St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Palace and other court buildings, there are Michelangelo’s mural “final trial” and the zenith painting “Genesis”; the Vatican Museums, libraries and art museums in the medieval and Renaissance Precious cultural relics and works of art.

Vatican Museums

The museum is the largest building in the Vatican

The Vatican Museum is located in the north of St. Peter’s Church in Rome, the original Pope’s palace. The collection of rare artifacts and art treasures, worthy of the London British Museum and the Paris Louvre to comparable. The total area of 55,000 square meters.

Main collections:
Several paintings of Caravaggio, including the burial of Christ (1602-1603);
Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait of St. Jerome
Originally placed in the San Giovanni Cathedral of the Red Marble Pope
Ancient Roman sculptures, tombstones and inscriptions
A large number of works by Raphael, including the Athens Academy
The world famous Sistine dome is also located here.

Sistine dome

The Sistine Chapel was originally a pontiff of the Pope. The church of the zenith painting, is one of the Renaissance three of the Michelangelo’s painting art monument, it is the same church with another murals “the final trial” and the same as Michelangelo’s most representative Of the two giant system. The Sistine Chapel is famous for Michelangelo to create “Genesis” and “Final Judgment”. These two frescoes are also the greatest artistic contribution of the Italian Renaissance.

He is alone to complete all the zenith paintings. In this brocade style of more than 500 square meters of the zenith, the painter to complete all the murals plus decoration, up to 4 years and 5 months, in addition to the preparation of paint assistant, no other help, the vast painting works And difficult to imagine.

St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica, the Roman Catholic Church of the Church, the European Catholic Pilgrimage with the Vatican The Pope’s Pope, located in the Vatican, is the world’s largest dome church. In the middle of the dome, you can overlook the interior of the church and enjoy the large mosaic of the inner wall of the dome. Which is more famous with Michelangelo “mourning Christ” statue. St. Peter’s Basilica overlooking Tula’s “Athens Academy” oil painting. St. Peter’s Cathedral is now the world’s largest church, with a total area of 23,000 square meters, can accommodate up to 60,000 people at the same time pray.